One-hundred percent gay?

By Meaghan Zest Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/20 18:43:39

I met Nick about a year ago. He is an intelligent 32-year old American with a stalky build and light, slightly silvered hair. He seemed together, fun and very gay. A few months ago when he broke up with his boyfriend of 2 years, we started hanging out more - just the two of us. 

One day I looked at him and said, "Nick, can you stop being gay so we can date?" He smiled at me and told me I was amazing, but he couldn't stop being gay. After a wild night out, it wasn't unusual for us to end up barely clad and spooning in my bed. Sometimes I even felt that he was attracted to me. At a recent party a few of us were playing a game called "Never Have I Ever," and one of our mutual friends asked Nick if he would ever sleep with a woman. "Never," He answered. "I'm 100 percent gay," he said with pride. I thought back to the times I caught his eyes wandering below my neckline, as men's eyes tend to.

As the game continued, I confessed to having made out with a woman once or twice, and Jason admitted that while he'd never slept with another man, he had thought about it.

This led to a discussion of the Kinsey Scale (Alfred Kinsey, 1948) in which people's sexual preferences are rated on a scale from 0 (hetero) to 6 (homo) based on their responses to a number of situations. I've often doubted that anyone is actually 100 percent of either, a doubt which was compounded by the events that took place in the following weeks.

While relaxing on a sofa in a comfortable, alcohol induced fog at a hotel bar the following weekend, Nick suddenly kissed me. While my body initially responded in familiar fashion, I quickly came to and pushed him off of me.

"Nick, what the hell?" I said, sitting up. "You're gay!" Without a word he walked away, looking hurt.

The following weekend at a popular Beijing event, his eyes locked with mine before he pulled me toward him for a kiss, right in front of everyone.

His friend Kass looked at me in awe. "Uh, Nick," she said. "Have you ever kissed a girl?" "Nope," he said. 

The first time it happened I brushed it off, but this time it was one with feeling. I can't help but wonder, "Why did he kiss me?"

Left with the memory of this kiss, the question is not how crazy I am, but how gay is he?

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