‘Parent care’ holiday proposed for one-child policy workforce

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/20 19:23:40

Sichuan Province may begin giving workers born under the one-child policy as much as 10 extra days off annually to take care of their aging parents, West China City Daily reported on Monday.

The proposed "only-child care holiday" aims to protect the welfare of senior citizens by giving their working children more time to care for them, read a draft of the regulation posted on the Sichuan legislative affairs office website.

Workers without siblings would be eligible for between three to 10 days off work every year if their parents are more than 60 years old and in hospital care.

The draft aims to address the limited time and resources many born under the one-child policy face in providing care for their parents, the West China City Daily said.

Policymakers are currently collecting public opinion on the draft, which if approved would serve as a local regulation.

Experts, however, explain that even if the draft is made law, employees may be reluctant to use it.

"Many dare not ask for time off because of the harsh competition in companies," Zheng Fanghui, a professor from South China University of Technology told West China City Daily.

One-child policy was officially put to rest in 2016 after it was implemented 30 years ago, but the effects of the policy still linger as a generation of only children face increasing pressures to care for their aging parents.

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