Two romantic con men caught by Putuo police

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/21 18:13:39

A South Korean woman was swindled 20,000 yuan ($2,936) by a Chinese man surnamed Chen, whom she got to know via dating app Momo.

The woman was studying in Shanghai when she started using Chinese dating apps to meet local men. She slept with Chen after meeting via Momo.

Chen later introduced a friend named Zhou to the woman, claiming Zhou was a successful businessman.

Zhou "borrowed" 20,000 yuan from the woman via WeChat Wallet, then refused to pay her back. She turned to Chen for help, however he told her that he could not. So the woman reported the two to police.

When Putuo police caught Chen and Zhou, they found that the two grifters made a living from dating young women via social networking apps, building up their confidence, and then borrowing money.


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