Senator Feinstein’s request for apology absurd

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/26 0:13:40

US Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein issued a statement Thursday, slamming the Global Times as "unconscionable" and saying that it "threatened University of California San Diego (UCSD) and Chancellor Pradeep Khosla." She demanded the newspaper to immediately apologize and retract the article.

UCSD invited the Dalai Lama to speak at its commencement on June 17. More than 3,000 Chinese students currently study there, accounting for 14 percent of the total. The invitation to the Dalai Lama to speak was strongly opposed by Chinese students.

An opinion article in the Global Times on June 20, titled "US university fails to teach students correct history of Tibet," criticized UCSD, pointing out the decision would affect exchanges between the chancellor and the university with China.

We are astonished that Feinstein, a senator from California, is so fragile in facing criticisms from the Chinese media and can't cope with our "threat" toward UCSD and its chancellor. It seems that some public figures and institutions in the US are beyond media criticism. If people call to boycott them, they must apologize and retract their criticism.

The media has the right to criticize and the Global Times' criticism of UCSD is justified. Inviting the Dalai Lama to speak at commencement is an affront to the dignity of the 1,000-plus Chinese students at the scene. We insist the university needs to pay a certain price for it.

The 84-year-old Feinstein has stayed in her post for over 30 years, and is believed to have witnessed plenty of clashes the US had with other states and countless sanctions imposed by Washington.

She shouldn't take it for granted that the US is entitled to do that, but other countries cannot express dissatisfaction when their interests are violated by the US.

UCSD inviting the Dalai Lama to speak at the commencement shouldn't be taken as a state-to-state affair, but a US institution trampling its relationship with Chinese society. Senator Feinstein's arrogant condemnation has made the incident more widely known in China. It is believed few Chinese would support her advocacy.

Perceptions on the Dalai Lama between Chinese and American society are poles apart, and it is better to avoid direct clashes over the issue. But UCSD instigated trouble by bringing him in front of Chinese students. The Dalai Lama talked much about compassion, but what he did is relentless aggression. It is an ugly show.

The large number of Chinese students studying at UCSD represents the deep exchanges between China and the US. They spend a few years studying in the US, but don't become more Americanized. It may make a few Americans feel frustrated. 

A veteran senator, Feinstein isn't seen as a lawmaker holding radical views. She said in the statement she has known the Dalai Lama for more than 25 years. It is uncertain whether their personal relationship has affected her understanding of how Chinese society takes the issue of Dalai Lama. Instead of supporting diversity, she displays bigotry and self-righteousness.

We hope Senator Feinstein will reflect on her comments. Why does she insist her understanding of the Dalai Lama is correct and why is she so sensitive about criticism from the Chinese media?

This does not look like an open mind. Those rigid concepts are too rusty.

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