Online literature must ‘reflect core socialist values’

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/29 21:33:40

The Chinese authorities plan to evaluate online literary websites, requiring that the online novels they host must reflect core socialist values and abide by "moral norms."

The move comes amid broader attempts by China's media regulator to tighten supervision over online content and follows shutting down of dozens of celebrity gossip social media accounts in June.

The new regulation on online literature was released internally by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) on June 14 and made public on its official website on Tuesday. It will be implemented from Saturday.

According to the regulation, online literary platforms such as and will be assessed annually on a 100-point scale, of which 30 points will dedicated to "value guidance and style of thought."

The regulation stipulates that if a low percentage of the works on a website reflects core socialist values it can lose up to 20 points. Websites can also lose points for hosting works that ignore "moral norms" or "reflect distorted values or ethics."

The regulation requires that the literary works possess a "correct understanding" of the Party and military history. "Distortion" or "desecration" of related history will cost the websites up to 5 points per work.

It further states that should a "serious political error" occur that causes adverse social effects, the website will fail the evaluation outright.

Online literary platforms will conduct a self-assessment based on a detailed score chart and their evaluation will be submitted to the SAPPRFT for verification.

Those with scores below 60 will be publicly criticized and be banned from applying for any literary awards for a year. The executives of such websites will also be invited for a talk with regulators.

China's online literature market has prospered in recent years. Popular works have been transformed into movies and TV dramas and some have even been translated into other languages.

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