Beijing breaks in 3D zebra crossings to check rash driving Published: 2017/7/2 11:12:25

People walk on a 3D zebra crossing in Beijing. Photo:

Photo: CFP


Beijing has implemented 3D zebra crossings to check rash driving and improve public safety in a new pilot program, Beijing Daily reported.

Zebra crossings painted in yellow, white and blue were first used on two busy roads, one near a railway station in Fangzhuang of Fengtai District, and the other in Haidian District.

Liu Shupeng, an official from Beijing's traffic management bureau, said the 3D stripes can be seen by drivers and pedestrians during both night and day, adding that further testing is underway.

Traffic police will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the impact before deciding whether to expand their use.

A traffic warden said it appears to him vehicles are more prepared to slow down at these crossings.

Several pedestrians said they generally supported the use of new zebra crossings, but a driver wondered if the effect would last long after people become accustomed to them.

Beijing's police launched a campaigns to improve driver compliance with traffic rules on June 12, handing out 27,700 tickets so far.

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