Hong Kong, two decades of difference

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/2 17:38:40

Two men relax in front the annex to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on November 25, 1996. Photo: CFP

Pedestrians wait to cross a road built on reclaimed land in front of the Convention and Exhibition Centre on June 7, 2017. Photo: CFP

The royal yacht Britannia sails in Hong Kong harbor on June 23, 1997. Photo: CFP

A boat sails across Victoria Harbor on June 12, 2017. Photo: CFP

The Prince of Wales building in Hong Kong on April 22, 1997 where a farewell parade by the British armed forces was to take place. Photo: CFP

A man walks in Tamar Park near the government headquarters and the Chinese People's Liberation Army barracks on June 8, 2017. Photo: CFP

A stock trader adjusts his glasses on June 27, 1997. Photo: CFP

A stock trader moving his pad on June 16, 2017. Photo: CFP

The gangway on which Prince Charles and Hong Kong's Governor Chris Patten walked from the British Farewell Ceremony, taken on July 2, 1997. Photo: CFP

People walk along a path where the gangway stood on June 8, 2017. Photo: CFP

A woman leaves a satellite post office still bearing the British royal seal on the outside drop box in Hong Kong's New Territories on June 25, 1997. Photo: CFP

A woman walks past a green Hong Kong Post box in the district of Wanchai on June 23, 2017. Photo: CFP







Newspaper headline: Two decades of difference

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