Combating rumor critical in hunting fugitives abroad

By Duo Mu Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/10 23:33:40

The Chinese government has pressed on in the hunt for Guo Wengui, a suspect for whom Interpol has issued a "red notice." Now the police have been taking action on combating rumors and cutting off the contact network between Guo and his agents in China who conspire with Guo to create and spread rumors.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, public security authorities in China recently cracked a case which involves the infringement of citizens' personal information. The evidence suggested that Guo's allegations against the HNA group were mainly based on information collected from Song Jun, who worked in civil aviation air traffic control, and Ma Cong, a duty manager of the HNA Group's subsidiary Deer Jet. Guo has used this information to fabricate various juicy corruption stories.

For some time, social media has become a lawless zone, rife with baseless rumors absent of supervision on the information flowing on social media. Many of the rumors have brought negative impacts to China, bringing challenges in hunting down the fugitives. But it is futile for Guo to confuse the public and cover his illegal activities through fabricating rumors. A series of actions by public security authorities suggest the Chinese government is able to deal with this challenge.

Exposing rumors is one of the actions needed in hunting down fugitives like Guo, and this work is becoming more and more important. We must cut off Guo's contact network through legal action. Besides this, the facts and details of Guo's crimes should be communicated to international and relevant national judicial departments.

Criminals like Guo who are on the run in foreign countries tend to make use of their contacts in China to create rumors and make waves. For these contacts at home, efforts should be made to uncover and punish them  according to the law.

Although Guo is in the US, he cannot escape the punishment of the law. At present, it is difficult to have him extradited to China. However, those Chinese people who were harassed by Guo's rumors can sue him in the US. Using the laws of the US to combat those on the run in the US is also a way to pursue them.

Fighting against corruption suspects, especially suspects who have fled overseas, is a long-term arduous undertaking. The departments concerned must strengthen their  communication and launch a media offensive according to the relevant laws to combat rumors. The more rumors they make or help make, the greater the price the suspect will pay.


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