Clock ticking for Guo Wengui to face justice

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/13 0:03:40

Three employees of Henan Yuda Real Estate Company stood trial for loan fraud and bill acceptance on Wednesday at Kaifeng Intermediate People's Court. The little-known company is controlled by a notorious figure, Guo Wengui.

Evidence displayed in court and the defendants' confessions revealed many tricks Guo used for loan fraud. When the day comes that Guo himself stands trial, proof of his crimes will be shocking. That day will come sooner or later as Interpol has issued a red notice seeking his arrest. Though Guo, hiding in the US now, continues to spread rumors via video everyday in attempts to seek attention, he is only trying to embolden himself.

No one can be shielded from the law in the globalized era. There is constant news of people on a red notice being extradited to China or voluntarily surrendering to judicial authorities. Guo must tremble at the news and have a hunch that he will finally be punished by the law.

Guo is exerting himself to the utmost to cheat, attempting to convince the Chinese government that he is more destructive than expected, and assure the US of his "capability" of making trouble for China. His purpose is to deter Beijing and seek more protection from Washington to fulfill his maniacal desire to survive.

Guo can talk endlessly in his videos, as if his world will stop if he walks away from the camera. His long monologues are full of nonsense and lies.

Guo's shamelessness is also reflected in his business activities. The trial in Kaifeng suggests that Guo is a cheater through and through, much more cunning than ordinary criminals.

Guo views himself as having the ability to shock China's politics, claiming that officials and businesspeople in China are all awed by what he may reveal via video. He has fooled many who believe this guy may do something big.

There is no concrete content in Guo's revelations. People who once regarded Guo as "special" have gradually realized that he is merely a clown attempting to escape from being punished. He can prove none of his disclosures, but is proved guilty by the trial in Kaifeng. Celebrities, whose purported wrongdoings were "disclosed" by Guo, will also sue him for defamation and libel.

How can a country be blackmailed by one person? Guo has made some waves, but it is the Internet that has exaggerated the issue. Guo's case highlights the necessity for Chinese society to properly handle Internet-affiliated problems. The day of Guo's being caught in the net of justice is counting down. His show has already lost political significance, and is merely a showcase of the extreme performances by human beings.

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