Today Art Museum’s looks to the future with new science-focused exhibition

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/17 16:53:39

 .xyz by Liu Jiayu Photo: Courtesy of the Today Art Museum

.pde by Raven Kwok Photo: Courtesy of the Today Art Museum

Science and technology have not only made great contributions to the development of humanity, it has also made great strides when it comes to art.

A new exhibition that opened Sunday at the Today Art Museum in Beijing, .zip Future Rhapsody, is looking to open the door for audiences to see how artists have made use of science and technology to change the face of art.

Part of the museum's Future of Today project, the exhibition offers visitors deep interactive experiences with installations made using digital images, sound and high-tech lighting.  

According to museum curator Gao Peng, this is the first time that the museum has had to make major changes to its layout in order to accommodate the art of an exhibition.

"I have been thinking about two questions since I took over as curator here: 'What will the museum look like in the future?' and 'What kind of artworks will the museum display in the future?'"Gao said.

"While my team and I are still looking to answer these questions, this new exhibition is an important step on the road to discovering the answers."

The museum has undergone major renovation to incorporate the 27 art works, most of which require large open spaces for video displays and light projection equipment.  

Artists participating in the exhibition include Chinese artists Shi Chuan, Wang Zhipeng and Cao Yuxi, as well as foreign artists from the US, UK and Turkey. 

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