Expert refutes claim that population figure is exaggerated

By Qu Qiuyan Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/18 21:18:40

A Chinese expert refuted a claim that China's population in 2016 was actually 90 million less than official statistics, saying that the assertion is "against common sense."

"It is acceptable to say that the figure could be a few millions or tens of thousands less than official statistics, but to claim it is 90 million less is against common sense," said Yang Yiyong, director of the Institute for Social Development under the National Development and Reform Commission, the China Economic Weekly reported on Monday.

Yi Fuxian, a research fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said at a seminar held at the Peking University in May that China's population figure might be exaggerated and the number in 2016 might be 1.29 billion, 90 million less than the official statistics.

"The demographic census is conducted by counting the number of people almost one by one, which is much more accurate than the GDP statistics," said Yang.

Yang also noted that China's population census is conducted through a method that divides each province into many smaller prefectures, which makes sure all families in the area are counted.

"It is true that statistics gathered in smaller units would be more accurate, but sometimes it would also lead to double counting," Yi told the Global Times, adding that the official statistics on national birth rate might not be accurate.

Yang also refuted that claim, saying that the official statistics for new-borns is accurate for all babies, as long as the babies have birth certificates and registered at relevant departments.

Yang, however, agreed with Yi's opinion that "China needs higher birth rate to sustain development."

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