Bilibili calls removal of content ‘self-censorship’

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/23 22:48:39

A popular animation, comic and game (ACG) website said on Sunday that its recent removal of TV series and films was a result of the website's self-censorship and strategic adjustment on content.

"China had listed some requirements to standardize online films and programs. Bilibili has grown to a certain scale and has to inspect its content," Chen Rui, executive director of Bilibili, was quoted by the news site as saying on Sunday.

Bilibili, one of the most visited ACG websites in China, removed most of its TV series and films on July 12, which the company said later was to ensure that contents on its website are in compliance with laws and regulations.

The removed content were mainly Japanese televisions programs and films, said, adding that some films from the US and European countries are also affected, together with those produced in the mainland.

"The self-censorship will take at least one or two months, and approved content will be put online again. The content that fails to pass the censorship will be removed for good," Chen said.

Chen added that some of the content they mistakenly removed has been put online again.

On the website of Bilibili and its biggest competitor AcFun, Internet users can upload videos, including animations, films and TV series. Bilibili asked all its users to post videos after real-name registration from July 5.

Foreign films and television programs have to get licenses in China, otherwise they will be barred from being released online, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, said in 2014.

A statement posted on the administration's website in June said that some websites, including Sina Weibo and AcFun, had not obtained the administration's license for audio-visual services, and published content about politics and public affairs against government rules, as well as other content that have negative commentary.

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