Mobike user gets surprise charge of 21.4m yuan

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/30 19:13:39

Due to a software glitch, Mobike reportedly charged a user in Central China 21.4 million yuan ($3.2 million) after he did not properly end his ride.

The Wuhan, Hubei Province resident surnamed Li said he had used the bike-sharing app to ride to work - a trip normally costing around 1 yuan - but forgot to lock up the bike on arrival.

Like many similar services, the app calculates time and distance of trip after the bike lock is activated, then automatically deducts the fees from the user's account.

On Thursday, three days after the ride, Li discovered he had at first been charged a total of 34 yuan for what turned out to be 23 hours of use.

Li said he called the company's customer service to complain, which told him the fee would be waived but his account would be deducted 15 user credits - a rating system to encourage proper behavior and use of the vehicles - for forgetting to properly lock the bike.

However, instead of the deducted credits Li found he owed a whopping 21.4 million yuan.

Mobike has blamed the error on a program glitch, adding any irregular charges caused by technical issues will not be charged, the report read.

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