TV documentary claims advantages of Long March 11 rocket over Western versions

By Qu Qiuyan Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/31 21:48:40

A Chinese TV documentary claims the Long March 11, or CZ-11, carrier rocket is seven times faster than its Western counterparts in terms of launch preparation and is capable of releasing at least 28 micro-satellites at a time.

The solid propellant carrier rocket mainly used for launching micro-satellites can be sent off within 24 hours, a documentary made by the finance channel of the China Central Television said on Sunday.

The documentary said similar carrier rockets of Western countries require about one week to prepare, much slower than the CZ-11. The CZ-11's quick reaction is also reflected in its greater mobility and shorter pre-launch test.

Technically, a solid propellant rocket has a relatively simple structure compared to a liquid-fueled one, which could simplify assembly procedures and have increasing mobility, Yang Yiqiang, director of the Long March 11 at the Number One Institute of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, said in the documentary.

The CZ-11 does not need any professional assembly space or any specific launching base, according to the documentary, saying that merely a few cranes can finish the final assembly and a launching vehicle to launch the rocket.

In terms of testing before launch, the CZ-11 only requires a five-hour pre-test, compared to the two- or three-day rocket pre-launch test for similar carrier rockets of Western countries.

Aside from its quick response, the CZ-11 is likewise capable of carrying multiple satellites - the rocket can carry at least 28 micro-satellites at a time by a special satellite-separation device in the rocket, the documentary said.

"The Long March 11 carrier rocket will greatly contribute to the modern information competition for its quick response ability. It could distribute three types of satellites, including a surveillance satellite, communications satellite and navigation satellite, which would help China gain information and respond quickly when under attack," Song Zhongping, a military expert who served in the People's Liberation Army Rocket Force, told the Global Times.

The documentary said that the average age of the CZ-11's research team is under 35 and the team is committed to pushing the CZ-11 into the global market, and reducing the current launch price.

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