Heat wave in China kills off fish, birds, mosquitoes

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/7 19:08:39

The recent heat wave in Southwest China's Sichuan Province has resulted in thousands of farmed fish and quails dying, local media reported.

Soaring temperatures in the region since late July, combined with low rainfall, have led to reduced oxygen levels in ponds at fisheries and scorching conditions on farms, owners told media.

More than 500 kilograms of fish at a Dazhou fishery were found dead on July 29, their deaths are the result of the heat depleting oxygen levels, owner He Xuehua said.

The same fate awaited 26,000 quails at a farm in the city of Bazhong on July 26 after several overnight power outages cut air conditioning in their enclosures, the farm's owner, Hu Yuhua told media.

Even numbers of mosquitoes have reportedly dropped in the region due to the extreme weather.

The rain-starved city of Luzhou reported a sharp decline in mosquito populations after recent temperatures reached 41.6 C, Chengdu Business Daily reported on Friday.

Annual data provided by the Luzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention show mosquito populations normally peak during July and August.

However, temperatures above 40 C can be lethal to the insects, Chengdu Business Daily quoted experts as saying.

Local meteorological authorities forecast the scorching heat will last until the beginning of autumn.

Chengdu Business Daily

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