Figuratively speaking

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/8 17:48:39

6 - the number of subway stations that will install platform screen doors (PSD), including Fuxingmen Station of Line 1 and Jianguomen Station of Line 2. Several accidents of people falling onto the tracks have occurred in recent years resulting in people being injured or dying. This is the eighth area where the PSDs have been installed in the last year.

120,000 - the area in square meters of a "green belt," which will be built after the pulling down of Tianbao market in Chaoyang district. In a project of evacuation and renovation along Huagong Lu, more than 200,000 square meters have been vacated to expand green space. In addition, upgrades will also be made to the connecting roads from downtown to the area.

67 - the percentage of  fresh graduates' salaries used to rent houses in Beijing on average, according to the Report of Rental Prices of Fresh Graduates 2017. Beijing has seen tens of thousands of fresh graduates flocking to the city within a month of graduation. Their housing needs created a spike in the rental market.

980,000 - the number of public transportation tracks in Beijing. Beijing has the most complex public transportation system in the world and vast research and data are applied to adjust city bus routes every year. The data suggests that the six districts in urban areas have seen a sharp decrease in bus passenger flow in 2017, while the flow in the suburbs is increasing.


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