'Manchester by the Sea' to be first foreign film distributed by Chinese art cinema alliance

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/9 17:08:41

Manchester by the Sea, the Oscar-winning film directed by Kenneth Lonergan, has set a release date of August 25 in the Chinese mainland. This marks the first time that China's Nationwide Alliance of Arthouse Cinemas, which was established last year, will distribute a foreign film to its cinemas.

The association currently consists of more than 100 art house cinemas in 66 cities across China.

While Hollywood blockbusters have easy access to the Chinese mainland market, the mainland has missed out on quite a lot good art films from around the world.

For example, Moonlight, which won best film at the Oscars earlier this year, was not shown in the mainland, while the poorly reviewed Resident Evil: The Final Chapter grabbed a total of 1.1 billion yuan ($164 million) in mainland cinemas.

Manchester by the Sea tells the story of a divorced man (Casey Affleck) who moves back to his hometown to take care of his teenage nephew.

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