Military source derides claim that troops will move back 100 meters as ‘illogical’

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/9 23:36:11

A source from the Chinese military has denied that China has agreed to withdraw its troops 100 meters, calling the story "illogical."

Reuters reported on Tuesday that China did not respond to India’s suggestion in the talks that it moves its troops back 250 meters but countered with an offer to move back 100 meters instead.  

"This information is not true. Even from the perspective of common sense, it is illogical," an anonymous source from the Chinese military told the Global Times. 

The source said that China has reiterated its stance, which is that India must unconditionally withdraw its troops back to the Indian side of the border and China will not bargain on conditions for the Indian troops' withdrawal. 

The source noted that no one [in China] has the right to violate this stance to make compromises with India. He believes the information was made up by New Delhi as a "smoke screen."

India must give up any delusion that it can drag out the process for changes to take place. It should not expect its gimmick to shake China's determination, nor confuse the people of the world, the source said.

Global Times


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