Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/10 17:03:40

In need of harder training

Just like everybody else, military training was the first lesson of my college life. (Former students recall freshman year military training on China's university campuses ahead of the new school term, August 1).

According to my observation, there are two kinds of military training in universities nowadays.

The first one is rather formal, including living on a military base, wearing military uniforms and learning how to shoot with real guns.

However, many universities like mine choose not to do so for various reasons. We simply wear school uniforms and practice goose step in formation.

Even though I was exhausted from the training, I do not think that this kind of training is very effective in challenging our willpower.

To me, the military training was more like an occasion to get to know your future classmates.

Not to mention that training to be excellent in goose step, quick march and salute is without a doubt repetitive and boring.

Do we really need military training in which we experience little of real military life?

Emma Liu, by e-mail

Making friends online

In the age of the Internet, meeting people face-to-face is no longer a must. We have gained some new ways of making friends, and dating apps are one of them. (Swipe right for yes, August 3).

I've never tried dating apps, and perhaps someday I will. Currently, my favorite way to make friends is actually a combination of chatting online and meeting them in real life.

I'm not the kind of person that can captivate others simply by talking.

So if I want to know more about a person, I prefer to chat with them a lot on WeChat or other messaging platforms after we have met.

In this way, I can fully express myself and get to know the other person step-by-step, with everything in control.

And then we could meet again after about two weeks of chatting.

Besides chatting online, WeChat's Moments is a great way of presenting oneself.

People can find out about your hobbies, activities you attended and even your preference in literature and movies through the links you share.

WeChat's Moments can also bring friends together who haven't spoken for a long time because you notice that you share a similar hobby, making the two of you close again.

I am glad that there are so many new developments like this on the Internet because otherwise, a shy person like myself would have a really hard time making friends.

August Lee, by e-mail


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