China reclaims position as world's largest holder of US treasuries

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/8/16 14:15:13

China reclaimed its position as the world's largest holder of US Treasury securities in June after nine months, the latest data from the US Treasury Department showed on Tuesday.

China's holdings of US treasuries increased by 44.3 billion US dollars in June, the fifth consecutive monthly rise, with the total holdings up to 1.1465 trillion dollars.

Japan, which overtook China as the largest holder of US treasuries last October, cut its holdings by 20.5 billion dollars to 1.0908 trillion dollars in June.

By the end of June, the overall foreign holdings of US Treasury securities rose to 6.1713 trillion dollars from 6.1236 trillion dollars in the previous month.

The rise of China's holdings of US treasuries comes as pressure from China's capital outflows eased and the Chinese currency renminbi strengthened.

China's foreign exchange reserves rose for a sixth consecutive month in July, reaching 3.081 trillion dollars, according to the People's Bank of China.

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