Lucky lottery winner gets IOU from cash-short outlet

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/16 19:13:39

A Guangdong Province man on a recent lottery winning streak had to be paid with an IOU after his local lottery outlet ran out of cash.

The elderly Foshan resident was looking to cash in his latest win of 5,200 yuan ($776) on Tuesday, the clip by Pear Video showed.

However, the China Welfare Lottery outlet owner told him she was short and would have to pay him the next day.

After handing over 3,200 yuan, the owner writes out the IOU on the winning ticket.

"I still owe 2,000," she said as she points to the writing. "It will be paid off by August 16." 

The lucky man, who was not named, is a regular at the lottery outlet.

"He comes every night and researches things for about half an hour," the owner said.

The gentleman had already won the lottery three times in May for prizes totaling at least 26,000 yuan, according to the video.

It was not reported if the lottery outlet paid back the IOU.

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