HBO in embarrassing Spanish 'Game of Thrones' episode error

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/8/17 8:13:57

Spanish fans of the series Game of Thrones were in for a shock in the early hours Wednesday morning when the network accidently broadcast an episode almost a week ahead of schedule.

The complicated plot of what is perhaps the most popular series on TV has long been a closely guarded secret with the HBO having to defend against hackers who threaten to reveal what is going to happen to inhabitants of the mythical kingdom of Westeros, but on Wednesday they gave some of them away themselves when Episode 6 of the seventh series was transmitted by mistake.

The episode entitled "Death is the Enemy" is not due to be shown until Aug. 20th in the United States and on the 21st in Spain, but for either a technical or human error it was available on HBO applications in Spain for just over an hour, giving some people time to view some or all of it and comment about it on social media and some even showing the episode online.

One fan posted a link on his Instagram site and saw it shared by over 4,000 people before HBO realized what had happened and cut the emission.

Series seven is the penultimate of the show and several key scenes of the current series were filmed in the Basque region in northern Spain.

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