Dying rat drops from ceiling at Shanghai restaurant

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/20 19:23:40

Diners at a Shanghai restaurant got more than they ordered on Friday when a dying rat suddenly fell from the ceiling.

The rodent startled customers at hot pot restaurant Sichuan Xiang Tianxia in the city's Yangpu district after it flopped onto an empty serving cart, thepaper.cn reported.  

The rat was quickly carted away by the waitress while patrons watched in surprise, video taken by a patron surnamed Yuan showed.

"I heard this sudden 'thud' and figured something had fallen," said Yuan, who was having dinner with a few high school friends that evening.

"I asked my friend next to me, who took one look at the rat and, without saying a word, jumped out of his seat."

Yuan described the rat as 20 centimeters long and still twitching.

According to local authorities, exterminators had spread poison in the restaurant the previous day to deal with the rat infestation.

The restaurant is closed until further notice, the report read.


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