‘Strongly-worded’ sign on city bus sparks outrage

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/21 19:23:40

A Wuhan bus company got controversy rolling on social media over a "strongly-worded" sign forbidding the physically infirm from using the second level of a double-decker bus.  

The sign on the No. 106 express bus reading "the elderly, weak, ill and disabled are strictly forbidden from going upstairs. Do so at your own risk," was a little too much for a local resident surnamed Liu.

"That's a little strongly worded, plus it's not pleasing to look at. It made me feel uncomfortable," said Liu on August 16.

A driver, surnamed Han, said the buses originally had a formal, more softly-worded sign - 'the elderly, weak, ill and disabled: please do not go upstairs' - but the newly installed route signs covered them.

Han said the signs, though not exactly polite, are necessity to protect the company and the driver.

"Drivers would have elderly people or commuters carrying kids try to climb the staircase … and fall down," explained Han. "Then the company and the individual driver have to pay compensation." 

"Two years ago, a 66-year-old man fell on my bus. He was hurt and I felt bad for him," Han added.

A Wuhan city bus company representative said new signs will be installed to replace the written warning.

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