Civil servant caught working second job while on sick leave

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/21 19:23:40

A civil servant in Hubei Province has resigned after it was revealed for the past two years he was pulling paychecks as a restaurant manager while on paid sick leave, media reported.

The former employee at the Wuhan Maritime Bureau, surnamed Cui, had put in sick leave in June 2015. 

Soon after he began working full-time as manager at a rice noodle restaurant, Hubei TV reported.

"The restaurant has been open for a year now," Cui told China News Service. According to employees Cui works 16 hour shifts.

It was only when news of Cui's daylighting spread that he resigned on July 18, the Wuhan Maritime Bureau announced on Sunday.

Civil servants are banned from engaging in profitable activities and taking part-time jobs apart from their official duties.

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