Belarusians banned from obtaining US nonimmigrant visas in Russia

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/8/22 7:27:51

The US Embassy in Moscow and the US Consulate in St. Petersburg will no longer accept nonimmigrant visa applications from residents of Belarus, the US Embassy in Russia said in a statement on Monday.

The statement said that nonimmigrant visa appointments for Belarusian applicants who have already paid the application fee will be rescheduled. Citizens of Belarus are encouraged to schedule nonimmigrant visa appointments at the US Embassy in Warsaw, the US Embassy in Kyiv or the US Embassy in Vilnius.

The US Embassy in Russia said that it will suspend all nonimmigrant visa operations across Russia beginning August 23 due to the Russian government-imposed cap on US diplomatic personnel in Russia.

Dmitry Mironchik, Head of the Information Office, Press Secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, said that Belarus regretted the news that the US Embassy in Russia cancels the reception of applications for visas from Belarusian citizens. "It is regretful that relations between the Russian Federation and the United States continue deteriorating and start having a negative impact on ordinary Belarusians," Mironchik said. He said that Belarus hopes the American side will expand the operation of the consular department of the US Embassy in Minsk.


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