Man who ignored ‘Do Not Feed Bears’ signs at Beijing park bit by bear

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/22 19:03:40

A man was bit by a black bear at a Beijing wildlife park on Friday after he rolled down his car window to feed it.

Photos showed the tourist, surnamed Chen, had been bitten on his left arm after the encounter at Badaling Wildlife World north of Beijing.  

Surveillance video showed the bear leaning through the window as the car rolls forward.

Chen told the Beijing Evening News that he had only cracked the window to feed it despite employee warnings and signs saying not to do so.

Chen said he originally wanted his passenger to snap a photo of him feeding it.

Park employees chased the bear away in a vehicle and took Chen to clean his injuries before telling him to seek treatment at a hospital, according to Yanqing district tourism authorities.

Chen told media he was aware of the park's policies, but was not satisfied with the attitude in which park staff handled the incident.

Authorities plan to limit the number of tourists allowed to drive into the park, media reported.

The incident follows a lethal mauling incident involving a tiger at the park last July.

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