China International Collection Exposition 2017 to open

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/23 15:58:39

Some famous drawings used in stamp designing are exhibited in the exposition. Photo: Courtesy of China Post Group

The third session of China International Collection Exposition will open from September 8 to 11 at Nanjing International Expo Center in Jiangsu Province. Exhibitors from more than 40 countries and regions will gather in Nanjing to represent their collections, which include artwork, antiques and stamps.

The exposition not only serves as a platform for the collection industry but also shoulders the important responsibility to carry forward Chinese culture. The exposition is formed by five themed exhibitions: Chinese Dream-themed exhibition; stamp exhibition; precious design drafts of stamps; 2017 Chinese stamp designing master invitational exhibition and paper culture exhibition. The exhibits are mostly related to significant commemorative activities in China, showing visitors China's splendid culture and history.

The Chinese Dream-themed exhibition Photo: Courtesy of China Post Group

Since the first session, the Chinese dream exhibition has always been the most important aspect of the expo. The exhibition has three zones - spaceflight, diplomacy and sports. The spaceflight zone mainly displays original, commemorative souvenirs that traveled to space in crafts launched in China. Some of the souvenirs will be auctioned. The diplomacy zone will display 15 PETN•WJ commemorative covers, which are issued to commemorate diplomatic events, such as the anniversary of the founding of diplomatic ties between China and other countries. The 15 stamps' patterns are traditional musical instruments in China and some countries along the Belt and Road, and the musical instruments will also be displayed. The sports zone focuses on the successful bid for the 2022 Beijing-Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games, and the exhibits include a long scroll of the signatures from the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) 78 members, with preface and postscript from Thomas Bach, the IOC president.

The stamp exhibition has five parts; each part displays a series of stamps representing traditional culture, folk culture, revolutionary culture, contemporary culture and foreign exchange culture.

Precious design drafts of stamps exhibition will display a batch of originally designed, hand-drawn drafts, which help educate guests on the process of designing stamps. The 2017 Chinese stamp designing master invitational exhibition features great works from many contemporary artists including Gao Yun and Zhou Feng, in addition to work of stamp designers from China Post.

Paper, one of the four great inventions of ancient China, serves as the carrier of the essence of stamps, money bills, calligraphy, painting and books and is an extremely significant milestone in human civilization. The paper culture exhibition has four sections: the origin, quality, art and forms of paper, which represent China's paper culture in an all-round way.

Chinese collectors are becoming more and more knowledgeable. According to a staff member from China National Philatelic Corporation, people used to buy stamps blindly instead of understanding their real value. Now collectors are becoming more professional and informed from using the Internet and focus more on the aesthetic value of stamps. As a result, the hosts will make this year's exposition more professional. All exhibits will be original and many designs will be exhibited for the first time. Also, the four bronze animal heads from the Old Summer Palace - the heads of an ox, tiger, monkey and pig - will be exhibited at the exposition. There will be a stamp culture park in the venue for teenagers and children, where interactive activities will be held.


The bronze heads of an ox and monkey from the Old Summer Palace Photos: Courtesy of China Post Group

During the exposition, a number of lectures and forums will also be held. Famous collectors and experts will be invited to help the public gain professional insight on stamp collections. For example, the hosts have invited Guan Hewu, a stamp authentication expert from China National Postage Stamp Museum and Dong Fengyang, the stamp printing expert from the Postage Stamp Printing Bureau of China Post Group. People can bring their collections to the experts for free authentication.

In addition, there will be an international philatelic  forum, a summit forum and a stamp experts' interview. The events will provide a perfect communication platform for collectors both home and abroad, increase the fame of China Post in the international stamp industry and build a solid foundation for the future cooperation between China Post and the  postal administrations in other countries.

The hosts want to convey the concept of "stamps come from life and go into life" to the public through the opening ceremony of the exposition. There will be a stamp-themed fashion show during the opening ceremony on September 8. An integration of philately and fashion, the show will be a feast for the eyes. After watching the show, the audience can buy various special stamps at the exposition. China Post will issue special postcards, and China National Philatelic Corporation will issue commemorative stamps and stamp folders.

People can gain access to the expo by scanning the QR code of the expo at the entrance, or buy tickets on the Online Philatelic Shop of China Post at They can also get tickets in some of the post offices in Nanjing. The price is 10 yuan per ticket. Those who have purchased the tickets will be qualified to buy the special stamp products issued only for this expo.

China International Collection Exposition will provide a channel of communication in the collection industry. Also, the exposition sticks closely to the theme of "inheriting, communication, cooperation and development," and vows to carry forward China's traditional culture.


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