Five arrested for photo outside Shanghai war memorial dressed in WWII-era Japanese army uniforms

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/23 20:13:39

Police in Shanghai have detained a group of Chinese men who posed for a photo dressed up in WWII-era Japanese military uniforms outside a memorial for a historic battle during the anti-Japanese war.  

The five young men were detained for the photo taken earlier this month at the Sihang Warehouse Defense Memorial in which they appear in Imperial Japan-era soldier and sailor uniforms, Shanghai police announced Wednesday.

Three remain in police custody. Two others, both juveniles, were educated by officers.

Police said the men's actions violated China's Public Order Management Punishments Law, but the announcement did not elaborate on the exact charges. 

The Sihang Warehouse is a powerful symbol in China. It was the site of a four-day standoff against Japanese forces during the Battle of Shanghai in 1937.

The photo had sparked outrage on Chinese social media in early August after one of the men, surname Li, uploaded it to his personal page on chat platform QQ.

Li told officers that the group, who describe themselves as army uniform enthusiasts, had taken the photo for excitement and to get attention.

The case follows a similar attention-grabbing incident involving two men who dressed up in Imperial Japan-era uniforms outside a railway station in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Sunday.

The men had been livestreaming their prank that involved brandishing a toy sword and yelling at passers-by.

They were later taken into police custody. 

Newspaper headline: Five detained for photo at Shanghai war memorial

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