Farmer accuses motorcycle-riding tourists of traumatizing his mule

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/23 20:13:40

Tourists in Hebei Province's grasslands compensated a local farmer who insisted their noisy motorcycles had scared his mule and left it injured.

Police were called on Sunday to the tourist spot in Zhangbei county near Zhangjiakou.

The mule's owner, surnamed Gao, accused the tourists of circling his mule on their rented motorcycles. "They were waving their hands, taking pictures … it was deliberate," Gao later told the Beijing Youth Daily.

Gao claimed the experience was so traumatic for the animal that it fell down, injuring its left hind leg and snout. Gao said the mule can no longer perform farm work.

"They have ruined this mule," said Gao, claiming it was worth 10,000 yuan ($1,501).

One of the tourists, identified as Lulu, posted about the conflict Sunday on Sina Weibo, where the story went viral. 

Lulu claimed the tourists were at the closest 100 meters from the mule.

Gao and the tourists settled on 4,500 yuan in compensation. As for the poor mule, Gao said he sold it to a local slaughterhouse. 

Beijing Youth Daily

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