India should refrain from abusing trade remedy measures: MOFCOM

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/24 15:18:39

India should refrain from abusing trade remedy measures and should carry out trade investigations in line with relevant WTO rules, Gao Feng, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce (MOFOM), told a press briefing in Beijing on Thursday.

In recent months, anti-dumping investigations launched by India against China have been on the rise. A total of 13 anti-dumping investigations have been initiated against Chinese products in 2017 so far, according to Gao, and since 1994, there have been a total of 212 cases.

As one example, India announced on Monday that it would impose anti-dumping duties of up to $136.21 per ton on Chinese imports of tempered glass, a material mostly used to protect touch screen mobile devices, the Economic Times reported.

"China has paid high attention to the increasing number of trade investigations launched by India. We urge India to use trade remedy measures in a cautious and restricted manner so as to avoid any negative influence on bilateral trade relationships," Gao noted.

He also stressed that China is resolute in protecting the legal rights and interests of Chinese enterprises and will encourage and support the investigated firms to actively participate in the work involving responses to prosecutions.

As BRICS nations and major developing countries, China and India should join hands to maintain a free and open multilateral trade system as well as serve as stabilizers for global economic development, Gao added.

"Dialogue and negotiation is the only effective mechanism in solving trade friction, and China is willing to work with India to establish such a platform," Gao said, noting that through cooperation, the two sides can achieve mutual benefits.

At the briefing, Gao also urged India to strictly follow international standards on foreign investment and avoid setting "discriminatory" entrance conditions targeting Chinese firms.

India is now tightening the rules for Chinese companies entering into its power transmission sector and stringently checking on both power and telecoms equipment for malware, Reuters reported on August 17.

"In fact, India's economy has maintained a robust growth rate, partly thanks to mounting foreign investment… So we believe that the Indian government is willing to create a fair, transparent and convenient investment environment for foreign investors, including for Chinese firms," Gao noted.

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