Firefighters called after Chinese cupping therapy goes wrong

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/24 18:13:41

A Wuhan man who underwent cupping therapy ended up having firefighters saw off one of the cups when he couldn't pull it off his back.

The man surnamed Hu had been taking the treatment at home on Tuesday thanks to his wife using a vacuum cupping device. 

The therapy, known as baguan in Chinese, traditionally involves glass cups that are adhered to the body with a vacuum created by an open flame. 

The suction leaves circular bruises on the skin that is believed to improve circulation and treat muscle pain.

Hu's wife, surnamed Ma, was using a modern version that involved a pump to create the vacuum. 

However, one of the cups had sucked on to his shoulder so tight that Ma couldn't remove it.

Photos show Hu's flesh being pulled five centimeters into the cup. After a hammer and pliers didn't work, Hu was taken to a hospital.

Doctors there enlisted the help of the local fire department. A team of four firemen took to the stubborn cup with a handsaw and carefully managed to break the vacuum.

Hu was treated at the hospital for the bruise.

Chutian Metropolis Daily 

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