Hong Kong director Wong Jing brings last of ‘Color’ gangster trilogy to Chinese mainland

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/24 18:23:39

Promotional material for Color of the Game Photo: IC

Hong Kong gangster films once had a strong following in the Chinese mainland, but the genre has lost some of its lustre in recent years as more and more Hollywood blockbusters and mainland films have been grabbing moviegoers' attention.

Hong Kong director and producer Wong Jing is now looking to restore gangster films' glorious past with his newest crime-action movie, Color of the Game, which stars veteran Hong Kong actors Simon Yam, Jordan Chan and Suet Lam.  

The last film in his Color trilogy following Color of the Truth in 2003 and Color of the Loyalty in 2005, the film tells the story of undercover cops trying to survive as they infiltrate criminal gangs.  

The new film is set to hit cinemas across the mainland on September 1st.

This means Color of the Game will inevitably face strong competition in the form of director Christopher Nolan's war film Dunkirk, which is scheduled to make its Chinese mainland debut that same day. 

While film industry insiders are of the opinion that Chinese filmgoers are sure to push Dunkirk on to continued box-office success, they are less certain about how Color of the Game will perform. 

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