Nobel laureate Mo Yan to publish first new works in five years

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/27 17:28:39

New works from Chinese Nobel laureate Mo Yan will debut in two Chinese literature magazines soon, marking the first time that the well-known author has published anything since he won the Nobel literature prize in 2012.

A September preview of People's Literature, a literature magazine managed by the China Writers Association, shows a script for a drama play titled Jinyi (Brocade Clothing) and a series of poems titled Qixing Yaowo (Seven Stars Shine on Me) from Mo Yan, according to a report from Literature Press Wednesday.

"Jinyi naturally expresses the styles of [East China's] Shandong Province's local folk operas and goes beyond that to combine folk customs and history with humanity and society," wrote Shi Zhanjun, editor-in-chief of People's Literature, in the preview, according to the report.

Meanwhile, "Qixing Yaowo, the writer's dialogue with contemporary literature masters, showcases his extraordinary talent and vision," wrote Shi.

Additionally, the latest issue of Harvest, a 60-year-old Chinese literature magazine, is going to publish three new short stories from Mo Yan in mid-September, the report wrote.

Mo Yan hinted at these new works last week during the Beijing International Book Fair, according to news site

"I am interested in writing full-length novels and I am working on one right now," quoted Mo Yan.

"I will first, however, publish a script, short stories and poems to prove to my readers that I have not been lazy."

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