PLA garrison's relief efforts widely praised after typhoon hits Macao

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/27 18:18:39

Troops from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Garrison in Macao help clear rubbish that was spread by Typhoon Hato from a street on Friday. Photo: IC

China's southeastern coastal areas have been thrashed by typhoons recently, as Typhoon Pakhar  hit Taishan, Guangdong Province Sunday.

In Macao, which was hit by Typhoon Hato, the strongest storm for 53 years, at least 10 were left dead and 244 injured. In this emergency, the local People's Liberation Army (PLA) garrison is continuing to help the relief and construction work in the region, clearing debris and ensuring the environment is safe for residents.

The mobilization of the PLA on Friday, the first time the Chinese military has participated in such a relief operation in Macao's history, came at the request of the Macao government, in accordance with the Basic Law of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) and the Garrison Law of the Macao SAR, which was approved by China's central government.

About 1,000 troops were called in to help remove debris and clear roads, so Macao's residents can resume their normal lives as soon as possible and to reduce the dangers brought by the typhoon. The troops, who are working hard, have been welcomed by locals.

But while the troops are sweating over the relief work, on Saturday some netizens spread rumors online saying that the PLA garrison was "robbing the shops in Macao and beating the locals" in the name of relief, which angered many.

Despite being busy with the relief work, the Macao government quickly clarified the truth and denounced those who concocted and spread the baseless and irresponsible rumors. The Macao government reiterated that the PLA garrison has been entirely devoted to relief work with strict discipline and efficient order, winning respect and thanks from the local government and citizens.

 Global Times

PLA troops put debris into containers. Photo: IC

A PLA soldier moves a wooden board. Photo: IC

PLA troops carry rubbish with a wheelbarrow. Photo: IC

Male and female PLA soldiers use spray guns to sterilize the streets of Macao on Saturday. Photo: IC

Newspaper headline: Tidying up after typhoon

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