1970s French screen siren Mireille Darc dies at age 79

Source:AFP Published: 2017/8/29 17:53:39

Mireille Darc Photo: IC

Mireille Darc, a star of French cinema in the 1970s, died on Sunday night at age 79, her agent said.

Darc passed away at her home in Paris, surrounded by family and friends, including her longtime companion and fellow actor Alain Delon - the great love of her life with whom she starred in six films.

French moviegoers were particularly fond of the willowy actress with the sleek blonde bob who battled ill health throughout her life.

A sex symbol in her heyday, forever associated with the black dress which left comedian Pierre Richard agape in the farcical 1972 film The Tall Blond Man With One Black Shoe, she mainly starred in TV films from the 1990s on.

Born Mireille Aigroz, she took the surname Darc in a nod to warrior-saint Joan of Arc when she started out as an actress, fighting for roles.

In later life, she slipped behind the camera to make documentaries on cancer, prostitution and homeless women among other topics.

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