Police, kids get wet at water festival

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/31 17:53:40

During the Qingyuan Water Festival in South China's Guangdong Province, even local police are known to make a splash or two.

Officers were captured on video joining in the fun during an annual festival on Monday by using water guns to soak participants.

In the clip, police officers in an armored car are seen opening a gun portal and squirting an unsuspecting reveler with a stream of water.

Soon the giant vehicle was swarmed with local kids armed with water guns to answer the sneak attack.

The warm gesture came during the Qingyuan Water Festival, a traditional custom of the Zhuang ethnic minority that involves exchanging splashes of water between friends and strangers alike to symbolize good health.

Uploaded video made the rounds to the delight of social media users.

"I've watched it several times. It was so fascinating!" wrote one netizen.

"The police made the kids so happy," wrote another.

"Such a moment of intimacy!" a third commented.

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