Drunken woman passed out on street over diet woes

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/31 17:58:39

A drunken young woman who was found unconsciousness on a sidewalk in East China's Anhui Province later told police she drank herself into a stupor because she couldn't lose weight on her diet.

Fuyang police found Xiao Yu (pseudonym) intoxicated and sound asleep next to a street on Sunday.

Xiao said she went on a bender because she was frustrated that she was having trouble losing weight despite being on a diet.

The young woman said she had been exercising and had skipped eating dinner for a month to no avail.

After failing to lose weight, she took to drowning her sorrows.

Officers accompanied Xiao home and gave her some words of encouragement.

"You shouldn't trade your health in order to lose weight," a Fuyang policeman told Xiao. "Don't lose heart when nothing happens in the short run," he added.

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