Brazilian movie based on true graft case set to break box office record

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/9/1 8:23:08

A Brazilian movie based on a true case of corruption and greed in government is expected to break box office records when it premieres nationwide next Thursday.

As many as 1,000 theaters across Brazil may screen the movie, titled "Federal Police: The law applies to everyone," much higher number than usual, the producers have pointed out.

By comparison, well-received Brazilian film "Elite Squad: The Enemy Within," which was released in 2010 as a sequel to its highly popular precursor "Elite Squad," was only screened at 600 theaters.

The new movie is a 5 million-dollar political thriller about Operation Car Wash, a massive investigation into bribery and kickbacks centered around state oil giant Petrobras.

For years, top executives at the company conspired with construction companies to inflate building contracts, so they could pocket the public funds and pay off other government officials.

The case has gripped the nation for the past three and a half years, as accusations and counter accusations toppled one politician after another.

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