Shanghai buses to upgrade video recorders

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/3 18:58:40

Shanghai is addressing bus safety by increasing the number of onboard digital video recorders (DVR) from seven to nine and installing "black boxes." The new safety equipment has been installed on four bus lines and will be added to other lines, Shanghai Morning Post reported on Saturday.

The new DVR allows for no dead angles on buses. Its main target area is the driving cab, to watch if a driver runs a red light, speeds, plays with his phone or smokes while driving. Another target area is the carriage, capturing theft or other crimes.

An explosion-proof box will also be installed below the middle door of the bus. It is similar to the "black box" used on airplanes made of steel that can resist high temperatures. If an accident happens and the DVR breaks, the box will save its data.

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