City tells rooftop rodeo to get off its high horse

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/3 18:58:40

China has seen its share of illegal structures topping apartment buildings in recent years. But a rooftop corral is proving itself a horse of a different color.

Haikou authorities have issued an ultimatum to the operators of a youth equestrian center on the roof of a downtown mall in Haikou, Hainan Province, demanding they submit permits or face demolition.  

Covering 729 square meters, the riding center is home to 10 Yuan'an horses, which are stabled in the basement levels of the Penghui Guangchang Mall, according to the center's operators Hainan Xiaoqishi Equestrian Industrial Management Co.

Instead of hoofing it upstairs, the horses are brought to the roof on the mall elevator.

Local urban management authorities said construction of the area was not approved and have ordered it to be shut down until permits could be acquired. The deadline for submission is September 8.

However, Meilan district authorities admit they are not entirely sure if the riding area in fact illegal.

"There is a lack of precedent, so its legal status is in the process of being defined," said Chen Xundong, deputy head of the bureau's law enforcement squad. "They also may need approval from the relevant sports authorities." 

"Their company's registered business address does not include the roof," Chen added.

Liang Long, manager of the center, said the downtown center is providing a convenience.

"We moved downtown to give locals access to the joys of horseback riding," said Liang, adding the company had submitted relevant applications. 

The case is still pending.

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