Fictional rogue state becomes online sensation in Belarus

Source:AFP Published: 2017/9/3 18:58:40

A separatist republic invented by the Russian and Belarusian militaries to serve as a fictitious foe in upcoming war games has sparked a wave of tongue-in-cheek support online.  

Minsk said the joint Zapad-2017 drills will role play a conflict with a made-up rebel region called Veishnoria, located in western Belarus and backed by neighboring European nations.

The major exercises, scheduled from September 14 to 20, have set nerves jangling among NATO members in Eastern Europe, jolted by fears of an increasingly aggressive Russia.

But in Belarus the reaction to the make-believe insurgent region has been more one of gleeful mockery with thousands of locals jokingly applying for citizenship.

Belarusians have set up fake accounts for the state's foreign ministry and created a page on Wikipedia describing it as a nation where one of the main religions is Pastafarianism.

Veishnoria's foreign ministry Twitter account announced it is accepting citizenship applications and some 3,000 people have since applied.


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