Fresh-faced freshman greeted by face recognition software at Beijing uni

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/4 13:47:34

Incoming freshmen at a Beijing university arrived at their dorms to be greeted by face- and voice-recognition system that can distinguish a variety of Chinese dialects.

The new system at Beijing Normal University allows students to enter their dorms without showing an ID card, Beijing Evening News reported on Monday.

Besides face recognition, the system is sensitive enough to distinguish the many different dialects of students from all over the country.

This is a marked improvement for previous voice recognition software programmed for Putonghua, which often would struggle with regional accents and potentially leave students locked out of their dorms.

"It can understand as many as 26 Chinese dialects," a campus employee told media. "Feel free to let your dialect flow and worry not you will be declined at the door."

This year's freshman class is 70 percent female. Among them is Yuan Xinyue, a member of the women's national volleyball team, who will be majoring in psychology.

Beijing Evening News

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