Vendor of German medicines arrested

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/4 17:23:39

A Shanghai man was arrested for allegedly selling unlicensed foreign medicine on Chinese online trading platforms, reported on Monday.

The man, surnamed Liu, purchased German-made medicines through overseas e-retailers to treat his own child's cold in 2015. Impressed by its effect, he registered an account on an online trading platform and started to sell German children's medicines and skin care products, despite knowing these medicines are not licensed for sale or use by China Food and Drug Administration.

In July of this year, the police found 1,287 boxes of German medicines in Liu's home. According to Liu, he earned a 30 percent profit, with overall sales reaching 500,000 yuan ($76,490).

The procurator said that, even though the medicine Liu sold was foreign, in China it is still considered "quack" medicine without official approval and permits. Authorities remind consumers to be cautious when using imported medicines, which are different from Chinese medicine in terms of composition, usage and dosage.

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