Authorities meet with offending taxi companies

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/5 18:12:24

Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission have released a new list of complaints of the city's taxi industry from the first half of the year, reported Tuesday.

The Law Enforcement Department of Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission and Shanghai Urban Transportation Administrative Department met with two taxi companies - Shanghai Shenhua Taxi Service Co and Shanghai Punan Taxi Service Co - to address the complaints.

Three vehicles from Shanghai Shenhua Taxi Service Co topped the list, with one of the taxis having received 25 complaints. In response, the company terminated its labor contracts with the three drivers of these vehicles.

According to Shanghai Urban Transportation Administrative Department, it will integrate the complaints into a credibility evaluation of the taxi companies and urge all taxi companies to include drivers' disciplinary reports in each driver's integrity files, with special attention and supervision given to companies with the most complaints.

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