Passenger injured on subway after container of dry ice explodes

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/5 20:53:40

A woman on a Shanghai subway suffered injuries after another passenger's insulated bottle carrying dry ice exploded, sending the cap flying at her face, local police said.

The woman had been riding the Subway Line 9 on Monday afternoon when the cap of the beverage canister containing the dry ice popped from the pressure and pelted her in the chin.

Police said two medical school students had been using the sealed container intended for hot beverages to transport the dry ice.

Subway authorities were alerted as the train arrived at Zhaojiabang station.

The injured passenger was sent to hospital for further treatment, while the two students are currently under investigation, police said.

Dry ice is banned on Shanghai subways. It was not reported what the students intended the dry ice for or how the prohibited substance had gotten past subway security checks.

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