‘Blanket folder’ helps Chinese freshmen cut corners in mandatory military training

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/6 13:32:29

The new school year for college freshman means the dreaded junxun, or mandatory military training sessions.

With weeks filled with early mornings, drills and marching in the hot sun ahead, any way for students to cut corners is a welcomed relief.

That's why vendors on e-commerce sites like Taobao are doubling down on a board-like device that helps fold blankets military-style, media reported.

At 20 yuan ($3.05) each, the foldable cardboard form is able to help pack blankets into the perfect "tofu cube" that would make any PLA sergeant proud. 

Steps for making bed using the "blanket folder". Photo: Screenshot of Taobao.com

 "It takes less than 60 seconds to make the blanket to tofu cube," a Taobao vendor who over the past month had sold more than 900 of the devices. "Most customers are students going for the military training."

A Shandong-based Taobao vendor sold as many as nearly 2,000, topping the list of most popular vendors on the site.

Students are also on board. "It is cheap, and efficient, so why not?" a freshman told thepaper.cn. "Hopefully it will help us win an award for 'cleanest dorm room'," the student said.


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