School’s haircut, wash rules bristle new students

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/6 14:08:39

Students at a vocational high school in East China's Shandong Province were required to cut their hair short "for safety reasons," Shandong TV reported Monday.

Enrolled students at Licheng Trade School of Jinan were told they must have the same short hairstyle or face expulsion, according to a student.

"They have told us that if you want to have fancy hairstyles, fine, walk out of here and don't come back," the student said, "the regulations are rather rigid."

Male students must keep hair less than three centimeters long, while females face a ban on any bangs that cover eyebrows, illustrations on a notice released by the school shows.

The school also has rules for hair hygiene. Students must not wash their hair more than twice in three days, school officials said, without providing an explanation.

The regulations are not popular. "We are already adults," one student complained. "It's weird that we still can't choose our own hairstyles."

School authorities justified the rules because it poses a threat to students working with machine tools.

"Once your hair is sucked into the machine, your personal safety is at risk," said Xu Yuqin, a school administrator.

The regulations were approved by local education authorities, and teachers will also be sporting the required hairdos, according to the school.

Students majoring in pre-school education are exempt from the regulations, the school added.

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