Sichuan professor makes social media users judge student’s performance

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/6 15:58:39

A professor at a university in Southwest China's Sichuan Province is disciplining students who arrive to classes late, through soliciting the ideas of WeChat users on whether and how to punish the tardy ones. 

WeChat, developed by China's Tencent Corp, is the most populous social media platform in the country now. 

Dou Huanhuan, the profession who tutors journalism and communication at Chengdu Institute Sichuan International Studies University, reportedly told her students on Tuesday that anyone who are caught 10 minutes late for her classes, must post their detailed explanations on WeChat. 

The students could use emojis, text or video to explain their cases and plead for leniency. Any student whose post gets 80 likes or more is exempt from punishment. 

Dou said she aims for her students to put lessons they have learned to practical use. 

"I used to make tardy students do presentations. This new rule is basically the same thing -- testing their courage to speak out," said Dou. "The point is to let WeChat users to appraise students' storytelling ability. It is an important skill for them." 

"Professor Du is a journalism and communication teacher, and it makes sense for her to come up with such a unique idea," some students at the university commented who thumbed up her creativity

Many students say they like the practice in their real life. 

"It makes us to treasure others' time and emphasize punctuality," said Ma Yisong, a student who posted the new rules online.

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