Social ideology needs to catch up with nation’s new status

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/6 22:48:39

In these years, the increasingly prosperous China has returned to the center of the world stage and has reclaimed its status as a big power.

China has a large population. Chinese people becoming rich reflects the strength of our country. A strong China faces a different international environment, and has different international responsibilities. China's interests are spread to every corner of the world, and it is more likely to get involved in different kinds of disputes.

It is very important for our social ideology to catch up with the increasing national strength and rising international status. Long years of poverty and weak status had far-reaching influences on Chinese society. Some people's habitual thinking often conflicts with China's new role in the international community.

For example, some Chinese people are addicted to conspiracy theories, and they believe that all actions from the outside world that affect China derive from conspiracies.

And there are some people who are deeply influenced by a victim mentality. Once conflicts occur, they always think that China is being bullied by other countries.

Unwilling to shoulder international responsibility, especially being against China offering foreign aid, is another popular attitude of the public.

Such ways of thinking may restrict China's flexibility to deal with foreign affairs, especially external frictions. It can be easy for some extreme ideas to gain the upper hand in the public opinion field, such as complaints that the Chinese government is not tough enough and China's foreign aid is squandering money.

Major power diplomacy is highly sophisticated and requests skills. No country can gain an absolute victory in the world. The wins or losses of major powers do not focus on the short-term result. Its highest standard is to see who has realized growth in the long term.

Foreign aid is a basic international responsibility for major powers, which is an important link to maintain the stability of the present international order. In general, major powers benefit more from the current international system. Maintaining the operation of the system through foreign aid is not buying a reputation.

The public needs to trust the government and give enough understanding and authorization to professional diplomacy and national security experts. The public should believe that faced with vital and hard diplomatic choices, the Chinese government will make decisions that are in line with the long-term and fundamental interests of Chinese people.

The public will not have access to the full information in China's decision-making process. It is normal that the public has some complaints. Nevertheless, these complaints should not become a decisive factor in the policymaking process.

On the other hand, in the era of pluralistic social opinions, our government ought to be tolerant and resilient of different voices.

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